Clyde Jaconetta Caban 1992-2007

Hello friends,

It is with heavy hearts that we write to tell you the news of Clyde’s passing. 

After bravely fighting metastatic lung cancer for several months, Clyde passed away at home on Thursday afternoon, February 15, 2007. Clyde was just shy of his 15th birthday.

Clyde was born in March 1992. We adopted Clyde on May 2, 1992 when he was a tiny mewy ball of fur and could sit in our hands. He mewed frantically the whole way home in the car. Clyde kept leaping from his cat carrier to try to sit on David’s lap as he drove. Clearly, an early strong bond was formed between father and son!

1992 - A Young Clyde with a Younger David
Clyde and David, May 1992

Clyde enjoyed his kittenhood with feline brother Mohawk to show him the ropes (and the blinds, and the scratching post, …). Clyde grew quickly into a young cat. Clyde enjoyed eating very much, especially Mohawk’s leftovers. At his highest weight, Clyde tipped the scales at 19 pounds.

Clyde enjoyed apartment life gazing from window sills, napping, and tagging after Mohawk.

1996 - Clyde and Mohawk Napping
Mohawk and Clyde, April 1996

Clyde became an only cat upon Mohawk’s passing.  Mohawk also died from cancer, in January 2002 at the age of 11.

Clyde moved with us into our house in January 2003. He eventually figured out what stairs were and how to navigate them, after all those years of apartment living. Clyde made a few clandestine romps on the back patio, but generally speaking, lived his days as an indoor cat.

Clyde on the mail table
Clyde, June 2006

Even as a senior citizen, Clyde retained much of his kittenish personality, bounding up stairs until just a few months ago. In his last year, Clyde enjoyed recording his thoughts on his web log. His last post is dated on Valentine’s Day.  Feel free to visit and read his posts at:

Clyde is preceded in death by his brother Mohawk, his feline cousins Marble, Puddy, and Kiki, and his canine cousins Mikey and Peppermint Patty.

Clyde is survived by his adoptive parents, David and Sue, maternal grandparents Rudy and Mary, paternal grandparents Carlos and Elinor, Aunt Patty, Uncle Jim, Uncle Jon and Aunt Darcy, human cousin Ashley, feline cousins Rainbow and Muse, and friends and cat sitters Mr. Scott and Miss Edie, Miss Deb, Miss Tammy Faye, Miss Dorothy, Miss Jen, Miss J.C., Miss Heather, Miss Carla, Miss Charlotte, Miss Christine, Miss Denny, and Miss Jillian.

We would like to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers during these recent months while we cared for Clyde as best we could.

2003 - Clyde dancing with Sue
Clyde dancing with Sue, August 2003

We would like to thank the wonderful veterinarians who have provided care for Clyde: Dr. Nancy Disbro, Dr. Keith Huston, Dr. Kelly Rehmer, and Dr. Alan Hammer. Special thanks also to the warm and caring staff of Village Veterinary Hospital and Animal Hospital Inc., especially Joyce and Theresa. We appreciate your help, support, and encouragement.

Clyde Caban
Clyde Jaconetta Caban, March 1992 – February 15, 2007

Donations in Clyde’s memory may be made to a local animal shelter or animal charity in your area.

– Sue and David (AKA Mommy and Daddy)



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  1. Jeff Avatar

    Words cannot alone express how sorry Jamie and I are to hear about Clyde’s passing. Clyde must have been, indeed, a wonderful friend and companion. Please accept our most sincere condolences. Love, Jeff

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