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  • The Ad-dressing of the Cats

    Oh, the fun we’ve had trying to name these three adorable kitties!  We’ve played rounds and rounds of “how does this sound?” and “How about ….?” to come up with suitable monikers for our new housemates.  For your enjoyment, we give you some insight into the process.  First, we thought of the situation:  two boys […]

  • Thanks, many thanks!

    After Clyde’s passing, we received many wonderfully kind condolences.  We thank everyone who took the time to write.  Here are some of the cards we received: We also received many wonderful emails from friends, family, and co-workers.  Thank you so much! We sent printed copies of Clyde’s obituary to the veterinarians who cared for him […]

  • Clyde Jaconetta Caban 1992-2007

    Hello friends, It is with heavy hearts that we write to tell you the news of Clyde’s passing.  After bravely fighting metastatic lung cancer for several months, Clyde passed away at home on Thursday afternoon, February 15, 2007. Clyde was just shy of his 15th birthday. Clyde was born in March 1992. We adopted Clyde […]

  • Road Trip, Anyone?

    David and I went back to Pittsburgh over the weekend to visit the family. We had a nice visit, and headed back to Cleveland late Saturday afternoon. We stopped at the Crafton-Ingram shopping center to buy some packs of gum for the road. While there, we noticed a sign advertising an upcoming event. When we […]

  • Gotta See Barry!

     Last night, October 15, we went to see Barry Manilow in concert. This was our little fun anniversary present. After all, despite the curious looks from friends and co-workers, if the guy who sings “Copa CABANa” was coming to town, we just had to see him! Having never been to a Manilow concert, we didn’t […]