He’s gone … and we miss him still …

As you can see below, Clyde’s last post was dated late on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2007.  Little did we expect that he would be gone from our lives less than 24 hours later.   The sudden shock of his death completely overwhelmed us when we came home and found him laying still. 

Over a month has passed, and we still miss our little guy very much.  We tearfully enjoy browsing through his photos, and frequently come back to read his posts here on his blog.  He was a very creative cat. 

If you haven’t done so already, you can read Clyde’s obituary.  

Clyde’s Mommy and Daddy

Queasy Like Sunday Morning

The past few days I have not been feeling too well. I have a hard time walking without getting dizzy and queasy, so I stop to rest a lot. I lie down, and put my head down on my paws, and close my eyes.

Despite my feeling like this, my parents decided to give me the orange liquid that smells like Tang again on Sunday morning. I tried to give them the clue that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, but they insisted. They haven’t given it to me since, though, so I am happy about that.

They have been extra attentive to me too, giving me lunch meat and salmon and baby food. But I am still feeling queasy like on Sunday morning.

Daddy and Mommy gave me lots of love and snugglies today for Valentine’s Day. We cuddled together while they poked me in the back and gave me what they call “fluids”. Mommy stayed home with me all day today and fed me chicken baby food a spoon at a time. Daddy gave me salmon juice for dinner. I love my Mommy and Daddy very much.


Yesterday I was taken once again in the room that moves to the experimentation place. Like the last time we went, Mommy shoved me inside her coat. It was dark and warm inside her coat. Although I put up my usual fuss, this was a better way to travel.

At the experimentation place, the man in the white coat (the one with the fur on his face) did the usual pokes and prods, but this time he stooped so low, that I had no choice but to retaliate. He shoved an object that he referred to as a ther-mom-uh-ter into a location that shall remain undisclosed. Suffice it to say, it was unexpected and humiliating for a cat to be treated in this manner.

Did he honestly think there would not be retaliation?

Next, the man in the white coat (the one with the fur on his face) grabbed my mouth and tried to open it. Perhaps he was trying to open my mouth to shove poison down my throat!

Naturally, I bravely resisted. Despite my efforts, the man in the white coat managed to pry my mouth open. When the opportunity arose, I sealed his fate with one decisive chomp.

The man in the white coat exclaimed “OW!” and removed his remaining fingers from my mouth. That will show him.

Hello, ASPCA …

I think that my parents have lost it. I thought that getting poked in the back with a needle every day was bad, but then things got even worse.

Now I have a cold with lots of sneezing and a runny nose. To top that off, my parents have decided to start squirting that yukky liquid that smells like bananas (GROSS!) down my throat again. You’d think that they would have some consideration for my feeling under the weather. But then they begin tormenting me all over again.

My mom has even been trying to suffocate me with Kleenex. She grabs the back of my neck with one hand, and then rubs the Kleenex all over my face with the other hand. My patience for their antics is running thin.

I am just about ready to call the ASPCA …

Closet Connoisseur

Today, I thought that I would give you a tour of some of my favorite places to sleep. Generally, a closet works best, although the sofa is also quite comfortable.

This picture is the “Clyde Closet”. This closet is a large comfortable closet with lots of cardboard boxes for me to sleep on. It has the added benefit of lots of long clothes hanging down from above. These clothes keep me warm, as well as hide me from predators.

Clyde in the Mohawk Shrine Closet

This next photo shows me inside one of the two closets in Daddy’s office. This closet has red carpeting and is a good place to hang out when I need some privacy. I can peek out and see and hear predators coming without them knowing where I am.

Clyde in the Office Closet

This closet is Daddy’s clothes closet in Mommy and Daddy’s room.  Daddy usually keeps this closet door closed. I consider this closet to be a delicacy, since I rarely get to hang out in here. Recently, I spent most of a weekend in this closet having a sleep-a-thon.

 Clyde in David's Closet

Beware of Humans Wearing Coats

Beware of Humans if they have their coats on.

I have been noticing lately that there is a strong correlation between humans wearing coats and then going outside.

Along the same lines, there is a another correlation between the humans wearing coats, and then picking me up, and then taking me outside with them. They almost always put me into the room that moves and then we go to the experimentation place.

Therefore, if the humans in my house put their coats on, I make myself scarce.

I advise you to do the same!!!

Captured again!

I was captured and hauled off yet again to travel in the moving room to a different experimentation place than I was before.

This time the person in the white coat was a male, with grey fur on his face. Not all over, just around his mouth.

He poked me and pressed a round object on me and was very quiet for a long time. I kept trying to get away, but he was strong. The person said that I was very strong!

He took me into a back room where I was injected with what he called chemotherapy. Then he brought me back to my Mom and Dad, and we went home.

To let my parents know who is boss, I demanded to be fed immediately. Daddy gave me food which I ate all up.

I need to go take a nap, but I wanted to let you know the latest news of the tormented.

Sneaky Suspicion

I have been denied food since midnight.  My parents have been whispering around me all morning, and being extra-affectionate. 

I have a feeling a trip has been planned … probably to that place with the funny smells and others of my species.    More later. 

Brave Counter-attacks

The tormentings have continued. Sometimes I manage a small victory by lulling them to sleep before they can perform the evening tormenting.

I have also managed to spray some of the weird liquid before it can get into my mouth by vigorously shaking my head.

I think I may be wearing them out with my brave counter-attacks.

Mayday! Mayday!

My parents went away on vacation. While they were away, Miss Deb a very kind lady, visited me and fed me. I enjoyed her company very much.

My parents have not returned from vacation. Instead, two IMPOSTERS are now living in the house.

This morning, I was starved, then chased around the house. Even with my foot that hurts, I was able to outrun them. I hid under the bed, but the female poked me in the @$$ with a cat toy. I had no choice but to abandon my refuge under the bed. The male imposter captured me and then both of them took me to the space ship waiting outside.

We traveled a very long time, and then I was whisked from the space ship into a strange place. There were other captive cats and dogs there. I was examined and poked and prodded and experimented on. This was not fun. They even cut my toe nails!!!

Everntually I was placed back into my cat carrier, brought back to the space ship, and returned to my home.

Alas, my tribulations were not over. The captives gave me some food to confuse me. Then they grabbed me and stuck a dropper of some weird liquid into my mouth. The male imposter squirted the liquid into my throat. Yukkk!

Again, I thought that things were calming down, and then they teamed up on me again. The female imposter held me and shoved my foot (the one that hurts) into a pan of WATER!!!! All the while, the male imposter stood by photographing my water torture. How cruel can they be?!