Category: David’s World

  • Snowball Fight With the Furry Bambinos!

    We took our three cats (“The Furry Bambinos”) out to play in the snow and they started a snowball fight with us! Here’s a video of what happened! Don’t send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

  • The Ad-dressing of the Cats

    Oh, the fun we’ve had trying to name these three adorable kitties!  We’ve played rounds and rounds of “how does this sound?” and “How about ….?” to come up with suitable monikers for our new housemates.  For your enjoyment, we give you some insight into the process.  First, we thought of the situation:  two boys […]

  • David’s on YouTube!

    Yes, that’s right … I’m in a video you can find on Youtube! The year is 1988.  The date is June 4th, 1988.  WRUW, the radio station at Case where I volunteer, has just revived a live-performance show called Live From Cleveland.  I’m the host of the show at the time.  The show is on […]

  • Thanks, many thanks!

    After Clyde’s passing, we received many wonderfully kind condolences.  We thank everyone who took the time to write.  Here are some of the cards we received: We also received many wonderful emails from friends, family, and co-workers.  Thank you so much! We sent printed copies of Clyde’s obituary to the veterinarians who cared for him […]

  • Flame Grilled and Flushed Away!

    I have a tendancy to leave things in my clothes pockets at the end of the day.  I’ve always thought I make a concerted effort to empty the pockets, but Sue disagrees.  See, in our division of household duties, Sue does all the laundry.  She has often come across gum wrappers, wads of paper, loose change, […]

  • A quiet celebration

    My birthday this year was a sad one without Clyde around, but we made a point to get out and enjoy the day.  Sue and I spent almost three hours at Barnes & Noble, getting bleary-eyed looking for books.  Later, Sue treated me to dinner at Sergio’s Sarava!  We both partook of the “Shrimp Quiabo”, a meal […]