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  • News from Casa Caban

  • Caban Farm closed for 2005 season

    After a busy summer, Caban Farm has closed for the winter.  We had a successful year and grew many hundreds of tomatoes.  We are working on an analysis of our yield for the year.  Stay tuned for details!

  • First Signs of Spring!

    It’s official! We have seen the first signs of Spring in Cleveland.  The crocus flowers have started to push their way up through the dead leaves and grass.  We’re starting to see the bright gold flowers emerge, along with the purple ones as well. We’ve also seen the stalks of the daffodils peeking up in […]

  • Caban Farm Closing Down for the Winter

    Caban Farms has officially closed for the winter.  Even though it’s only early November, we’ve already hit below freezing at night. This past weekend (November 6 & 7) we prepped the roses for winter by covering the root balls and trimming back the canes.  We tore out the last of the tomato plants, but left […]

  • Bulbs Away!

    This past weekend (October 30/31), we planted our bulbs for Spring.  Our primary planting place was the new flower bed off the patio, although Sue squeezed in some of the bulbs into the shade bed near the rear of the yard.  Next year’s crop will include Crocus, Hyancinth, Tulips and Daffodils.  Should be colorful!

  • Bumper Crop at Caban Farm!

    We’ve had a very successful year at Caban Farm.  We were deluged with tomatoes this year (5 large plants + direct full sun all day = hundreds of tomatoes).  We were overwhelmed with cherry tomatoes, and buried in Roma’s.  Fortunately, we have a nice recipe for tomato sauce and made three batches within the span […]