Oct 162004

 Last night, October 15, we went to see Barry Manilow in concert. This was our little fun anniversary present. After all, despite the curious looks from friends and co-workers, if the guy who sings “Copa CABANa” was coming to town, we just had to see him!

Having never been to a Manilow concert, we didn’t know what to expect, but we had great fun.

He sang all of his big hits, including “I Write the Songs”, “Even Now”, “Mandy”, “Weekend in New England”, and “I Made it Through the Rain”. I (David) was amazed at how many songs I recognized and how many lyrics I could sing along to.

He also performed some new songs like “Let Freedom Ring” (a bit of an over-the-top patriotic piece of pander), and “Harmony” (from a new musical currently in London). Of course, he did “Copa CABANa” and we were up and dancing, singing right along!

We both marvelled at the strength of Barry’s voice. It sounds just as rich and pure as on any of his studio recordings. There were a few instances in which he sang solo (acapella) and the true magic of his voice really came out.

I haven’t heard his new “Two Nights Live” recording, but I’m sure it captures much of the essence of Barry Manilow in concert. Overall, we had a great time, and it made for a wonderful night out!

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