Feb 212007

My birthday this year was a sad one without Clyde around, but we made a point to get out and enjoy the day.  Sue and I spent almost three hours at Barnes & Noble, getting bleary-eyed looking for books. 

Later, Sue treated me to dinner at Sergio’s Sarava!  We both partook of the “Shrimp Quiabo”, a meal of gulf shrimp simmered with okra in a spicy tomato-coconut broth over Brazilian rice.  Mmmmmm!

I’m starting to “feel” like I’m over 40, now.  It’s times like this I like to remember my younger years. 

Here’s one of my favorite photos of my youth.  Dad was in grad school at the time. 

Dad and Mom with David in the late 1960's

This was taken in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania back in 1969.  We were all 38 years younger!

Happy Birthday to me!

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