Mar 112007

I have a tendancy to leave things in my clothes pockets at the end of the day. 

I’ve always thought I make a concerted effort to empty the pockets, but Sue disagrees.  See, in our division of household duties, Sue does all the laundry.  She has often come across gum wrappers, wads of paper, loose change, electronic resistors (!), and an occasional pen in my pockets as she prepares the wash. 

She has admonished me several times to do a better job emptying my pockets, and I always promise to do better.  In fact, we had such a conversation last week on this very topic.  She watched me toss my clothes into the hamper without checking the pockets. 

She said, “You didn’t check the pockets!”

To which I replied, “I didn’t need to check because I didn’t put anything in my pockets today.”

“You check regardless!  Maybe you forgot you put something in your pockets.”   

I promised to do better, and she said “the next thing I find I’m keeping.”

Sooooooo …

Yesterday (Saturday), I came home from the gym to find the following note on my dresser:

Tie Tack Ransom Note

I was confused at first, so I asked Sue “what’s this?”

To which she replied, “looks like a ransom note to me!”

Apparently, I had left one of my tie pins in one of my shirt pockets.  It’s a gold-plated pin with the letter “D” on it.  (D for David).  Hence, the reference in the note to “If you want to see your D tie pin again …” 

I met Sue in the kitchen and explained that I didn’t have $25,000 to give her for the pin.  (And … it’s really not worth that much to me!  It’s gold-plated not solid gold.  Actually, it’s probably BRASS.)   

We negotiated an alternative settlement.  I would buy her dinner in exchange for the tie pin.  So, we went out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Fiesta, in Richmond Heights … my treat. 

And, later that night … I found my “D” tie pin on my dresser, safe and sound!

David's Tie Tack

I promise to do better checking my pockets!

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  3 Responses to “Flame Grilled and Flushed Away!”

  1. My problem is that, since I don’t ever like to litter, my back left pocket is always reserved for garbage, especially all the forgotten tissue — used on David’s runny nose — that has increased exponentially over the winter! (and fall) (and spring). And Sheryl tucks tissue in her sleeve while at home, for the same reason — always needing a tissue close at hand. ACHOOO! Green snot, clear snot, yellow snot — there must be a Dr. Suess rhyme for it. So the dryer is always filled with tissue, old receipts, and everything else!

  2. Loved the ransom note ! My better half does the laundry and he finds a lot of my hair thingys in the laundry. He’s prob found snot rags in there too, but those would be his, not mine! eeeeuu !

  3. I would have just paid the $25,000. :)… Very cute, thanks for the story!

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