Apr 282007

Yes, that’s right … I’m in a video you can find on Youtube!

The year is 1988.  The date is June 4th, 1988. 

WRUW, the radio station at Case where I volunteer, has just revived a live-performance show called Live From Cleveland.  I’m the host of the show at the time. 

The show is on every Saturday afternoon from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, and features a different music group performing live in our studios.  

However … it’s June 4th.  Nice weather abounds!  So, we decide to do the show outdoors in the courtyard of the building where the radio station has its home.  That way, anyone can come see the show in progress!

The music group on this outdoor edition of Live From Cleveland is “The Mice”.  They’re a garage/punk/rock band local to Cleveland.   I guess we knew they were videotaping their performance at the time … but didn’t think much about it.  So now, 19 years later, portions of the video end up on YouTube!

The YouTube excerpt is from the last 7 minutes of the show. 

The Mice perform a song that lasts about 2-1/2 minutes … and then on comes the host (me!) to chat with the musicians!  Then, they perform another song.  Then I appear again (about 6 minutes into the video) to give the closing credits for the Live From Cleveland show! 

I’m not recognizable by face … but definitely by voice … if you can imagine my voice 19 years ago! 


Live from Cleveland is still on WRUW, and still features live bands, but now it airs on Thursday nights from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

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