Jan 162006
Financed by Listener Support, Built by Volunteers!

I am proud to announce the completion of WRUW’s new main broadcast studio!

This completes a major renovation project that I have been leading since early October 2005. The new studio space provides us with expanded opportunity for new programming options on a regular basis, and improved sound quality for our listeners. Paid for by contributions from listeners and built completely by volunteers, this new studio is our showcase at WRUW!

The new studio replaces the main broadcast studio that has been in operation since the late 1970’s. The old studio, known as “Studio C”, was a small room measuring approximately 7’6″ x 11′. This was adequate for most broadcasting purposes, but often proved cramped and inadequate when guests visited for interviews or pictures. The on-air personnel faced a wall as they spoke, and had to twist their head around to look at guests. Visiting musicians would perform in a cramped, albeit “cozy”, environment.

The old Studio C has been disassembled and the space will become part of WRUW’s enormous music library holding music displaced by the new studio.

The new studio, to be known as the new “Studio C”, is a roomy 10′ x 12’6″ space formerly occupied by a portion of WRUW’s jazz music library. The new studio features many improvements both in ergonomics and technical wizardry.

First, there is the issue of improved space. The new room features a seating area opposite the on-air personnel so that guests can face their interviewer (unlike the old studio). The room will easily hold up to five guests besides the on-air personnel. This provides new opportunities for in-studio guests and performances by visiting musicians.

Second, there are many new technical improvements. The room is built around a brand new Axia Audio mixing console and digital audio delivery system. This system, installed in our secondary studio back in August and September 2005, gives us an amazingly clear audio signal at a higher quality than we have ever had before. Listeners may have heard the improvement in the quality and loudness of our signal since September 2005.

The studio features a CD burner for as-you-go recording of a program or interview, a connection for staff to bring in their portable music devices such as an iPod® or similar device, and a stereo microphone and effects unit for in-studio performances. In addition, the furniture is designed with pop-off panels for ease of access by WRUW’s technical personnel.

The physical room (framing, drywall, painting, etc), was built by construction contractors arranged through Case Western Reserve. The furniture and room layout was custom designed and installed by Studio Technology in Pennsylvania, one of the leading designers of radio station furniture in the United States.

The technical design of the studio was by yours truly, WRUW’s Technical Director, David Caban. My work included all wiring decisions, equipment placement, and overall ergonomic issues for the studio. I also coordinated the volunteer work team that put the studio together.  (For those of you who don’t know, I have been with WRUW since 1984, and took over as Technical Director in early 2003.)  All of my work on this project was 100% volunteer time, as was the time of the more than 25 people who helped bring this studio to life.

Thank You’s

Room Buildout

  • Contractors arranged through Case Western Reserve University Plant Services
  • WRUW’s Jennifer Trask, for picking paint colors, sound tile colors, and rug colors.

Furniture and equipment

Volunteers who helped either construct the new studio or destruct the old one:

  • WRUW General Manager: Tim O’Connor
  • WRUW Technical Director: David Caban
  • WRUW Core Tech Crew: Sam Harmon, Amy Harmon, Amaury Rolin, Tim O’Connor
  • WRUW Staff Volunteers (alphabetical order): Tony Divito, Ermal Dreshaj, Chip Elmers, Neal Filsinger, Brandt Fundak, Melissa Giglio, Jim Gilliland, John Graves, Heather Greenwood, Carl Hunt, Katie Knaser, Michael Kowalski, Karl Krymowski, Ace Kumar, Mike Lekas, Dave Ojala, Joe Riznar, Ryan Smith, Jim Szabo, Jonathon Tebbe, Ann Weatherhead, Ed Zeitz.
  • Two Way, Inc: Phil Way and his son-in-law, Sam.

Thanks to all who made the new studio a reality … and that includes the listeners who provided their financial support.

Here is a brief picture-log of the new studio construction:

September 2005:

Early November 2005:

Late November 2005:

Mid-December 2005:

January 13, 2006:

January 14, 2006:

January 15, 2006

January 15, 2006:

January 15, 2006:

January 15, 2006:

Financed by Listener Support, Built by Volunteers!

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