Mar 212004

Yesterday (March 20), the WRUW Tech Crew installed a digital studio-to-transmitter link.  This unit uses high-frequency transmission to send the radio station’s studio output over to the transmitter located about 2 miles away. 

This new “digital” unit replaces an older “analog” unit that had been in operation for about 15 years.  The resulting switchover gives WRUW a much clearer sound and less “radio hiss” in the air signal. 

I’ve called the installation crew “The Magnificent 7”.  I originally thought we might have too many people involved, but it turned out that every single person was needed and each played an important role in the success of the project. 

The Magnificent 7 were:
• Yours truly, David Caban, current WRUW Tech Director
• Phil Way, long-past WRUW Chief Engineer
• Tracey Liston, current WRUW Chief Engineer
• Ray Urich, current WRUW Contract Engineer
• Jim Eastman, Operations Director
• Tim O’Connor, Student Tech Crew
• Jason Amistadi, Student Tech Crew

After about 5 hours of work and great success in getting the new system live, we indulged ourselves at Quizno’s sub shop for a hearty lunch. 

Nice work guys … the station sounds great!

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