Top Speech Evaluator in Northeast Ohio

On Saturday, April 24, I competed in the Northeast Ohio District Toastmasters Speech Contest.  I was one of eight contestants in the “Speech Evaluation” contest, which measures a contestant’s ability to provide helpful feedback to a given speaker. 

The target speaker gave a humorous recount of a day in her life in which everything seemed to be going wrong.  The unexpected twist at the end had everyone laughing. 

In this evaluation contest, all of the contestants listen to the target speaker.  Then, the contestants leave the room and are given 5 minutes to make notes about what the speaker did well, and what she could improve upon.  Then, each of the contestants are brought in one at a time to present their 2-3 minute evaluation of the speech. 

I was the last contestant to speak so I didn’t get to hear any of the other contestants, however, Sue was in the audience and heard them all. 

When the winner was announced … I won first place!  I am now the top speech evaluator in Northeast Ohio for another year!  I won this contest back in 1999 and in 2002 (the only other years in which I competed). 







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