How to Beg

One of my most recent projects was preparing a website for WRUW’s fundraiser, which begins today, April 12, 2004.

Each year, I have provided training to the staff on how to correctly craft and say cohesive and compelling appeals for money over the air. Over the years, it has become known around the station as “How to Beg”.

For the past two years, I had send out one email a day for the seven days before the fundraiser detailing the “common mistakes” that people make during the event.

This year, I went a step further and created a complete “How to Beg website. I just felt that with today’s technology, we should have something like this for the WRUW staff.

Feel free to browse my complete “How to Beg website. My big fundraiser show airs this Sunday, April 18. My goal is $2000!







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