Feb 102007

Yesterday we took Clyde to the vet.  It was a bit of an emergency … he hasn’t eaten in the last couple of days plus he has been sneezing a lot recently and breathing through his mouth.  He has been on the antibiotic “Clavamox” for the past week, but it hasn’t seemed to clear up whatever is making him sneeze.

He has wanted to eat because he would come out to be fed.  However, once the food was in front of him, he would stand over it with his mouth about 1/4″ from the food, but he wouldn’t eat.  

Clyde ignoring his food

So, off we went in the car to the vet on Friday morning!

The vet, Dr. Alan Hammer, (a goateed man who always wears a white lab coat) has been great with Clyde these last few months.  Yesterday, he took some x-rays of Clyde’s chest and then gave him a good examination.  The exam included taking Clyde’s temperature (through Clyde’s rear end, of course).  Then, Dr. Hammer went to get a better look at Clyde’s mouth, gums and teeth. 

Clyde wasn’t too happy with either action, so he took a good quick “chomp” on Dr. Hammer’s hand during the mouth exam!  We apologized profusely to Dr. Hammer, but he said it goes with the job.  He must get bit a lot!

Clyde’s xrays showed that the cancer mass in his lung is still there, and doesn’t appear to have grown.  So, his current ailment seems to be an upper-respiratory infection.  This infection is also disturbing his inner-ear and making him a little bit dizzy, which then makes him sneeze.  (He will shake his head back and forth like Stevie Wonder and then sneeze). 

So, Dr. Hammer prescribed Clyde a new drug, “CEFA Drops”.  It looks like Tang, and has a citrus smell.  He also told us to restart giving Clyde subcutaneous fluids once a day. 

Today (Saturday), Clyde has been sleeping a lot.  He actually ate some tuna fish today, so we’re happy!  

Clyde on the sofa after sneezing

You can also read Clyde’s version of yesterday’s events

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  1. Dave & Sue! Sheryl, David, Punkin’ (our resident kitty queen) and I send you guys copious amounts of thoughts and intentions as you mourn the loss of Clyde. We know how it feels to lose a pet, especially a cat that has been a companion for so long. The “Clyde’s World” blog is a true testament to how much you guys thought about how he felt, and how much you cared! Hope to see you soon!

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