Nov 102004

Caban Farms has officially closed for the winter.  Even though it’s only early November, we’ve already hit below freezing at night.

This past weekend (November 6 & 7) we prepped the roses for winter by covering the root balls and trimming back the canes.  We tore out the last of the tomato plants, but left the green pepper plants to see how long they will survive.

We also took an idea from Paul the Gardener Guy (“Gardening by the Yard” on HGTV).  We made some compost bags by combining shredded leaves, Blood Meal, dirt and a sprinkle of water into trashbags.  We’ll leave the bags out for the winter and see what kind of compost we have in the Spring.

Overall, we had a very successful season at Caban Farms.  Thanks to all for their support!

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