Oct 222007

Today, David and I adopted three felines!!!  We met them through PAWS (Public Animal Welfare Society), a local animal rescue organization.

PAWS consists of a network of volunteers who serve as “foster parents” for a time while permanent homes are being sought for the animals.  PAWS places animals in two-room “cages” in local PetSmart stores for a few days so that the public may view (and of course, fall in love with) animals ready for adoption.  PAWS gives the kitties temporary names to assist in the adoption process.



On Saturday afternoon, David and I went to our local PetSmart just to look at the kitties.  I had been there once or twice already, and wanted to bring David along to visit with the kitties as well.

We saw “Silver”, a grey tabby with yellow eyes, who reminded us very much of our dear Clyde, who passed away in February of this year.  “Silver” is male and is about 4 or 5 years old.  However, Silver weighs only about 12 pounds according to PAWS, which makes him smaller in length and weight than Clyde was.  Silver also has a white spot on his neck, so it sort of looks like he is wearing a minister’s collar.  Silver is very sweet and loves to rub up against you.  Silver was once a pet cat, as he is declawed on his front paws, and it is apparent that he once wore a collar regularly.  He had been dumped off at a veterinarian’s office with another cat.


We also met and fell in love with “Wynken” (male) and “Blynken” (female), who are siblings who are about 5 months old.  They were born under a porch and due to lack of veterinary care, had advanced eye infections while quite young.  Because of this, Wynken lost his right eye, and Blynken has a small amount of scarring in one of her eyes.  But it does not affect their ability to get around one bit!  The foster mother adopted their sister “Nod”, who is totally blind.  According to the foster mother, Nod does not appear to be adversely affected.  In fact, Nod even hunts bugs!

Wynken is a tuxedo kitty.  His back is mostly black and his belly is mostly white. 


Blynken is a brown and goldish tabby.


The kittens are very active.  They played several rounds of Thundering Herd of Elephants up and down the basement stairs.  For the time being, we are doing our best to keep the kittens separate from the cat.  Wynken thinks this idea is stupid, and has jumped every barricade we can build. 

One-eyed “Wynken” easily climbed this so-called barricade.

So for tomorrow while we are at work, the kittens will be in the basement, and the cat will have the run of the house.

David and I are still working on coming up with suitable names for the kitties, once we get to know their personalities better.

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