2008 Missouri Trip: Preparations

Last summer, David and I took a cross-country trip to attend the wedding of David’s cousin Jeff to his finacee Jamie.  We had such an amazing time on the whole adventure, that we have been saying that we would definitely do another cross-country trip sometime.  By “sometime” we were thinking probably in another five to ten years.

Well, this summer, my sister Patty got married on July 18.  Patty and her husband Chris would be relocating to Columbia Missouri soon after their wedding, because Chris would be starting work at the University of Missouri in August.

Patty has two cats, Rainbow and Muse.  Chris also has two cats, Cinnamon and Toast.  In addition, Patty and Chris recently adopted Bruiser, a beagle / basset hound dog from a local rescue organization.  David and I had offered to help Patty and Chris transport their “Petting Zoo” from Pittsburgh PA to Columbia MO.  Professional movers would be arriving on Monday, July 28 to move the furniture and boxed items.

So, another cross-country trip “sometime” turned out to be one year later!

This week, David and I will be sharing stories and photos from this adventure.  Check back tomorrow for the first installment!






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