Learning how to ask for money

Visit the How to Beg website!Once again, it’s time for the WRUW annual fund raiser!  This is the on-air fund drive that the radio station does once a year.  This year’s event begins on Monday, April 4, and runs through Sunday, April 11.  My opportunity to ask for support comes up on Sunday the 11th.  For more information, you can visit the WRUW website. 

I help with some of the preparation and training of the staff each year.  We affectionately call the process “How to Beg”.  We know we’re not begging, but the name has stuck ever since the first session I did back in 1986. 

Last year, I created a training website to help our staff learn to ask for money.  I actually created the website last year, and just updated it over the weekend for this year’s event.  If you’re interested in seeing the online version of our “How to Beg” training, follow this link.

We start asking for support on April 4!






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