First Place!

It’s been 6 years since I (David) last competed in a Toastmasters “International Speech Contest.”  This is the contest that I competed in back in 1999 in which I took third place in the world. 

This year, I decided to compete again.  I’ve needed a new challenge in Toastmasters, and the contests are the best way to refine and develop a person’s ability to speak before large audiences. 

The contest involves preparing a 5 to 7 minute speech on any topic before each level of competition.  In this contest there are a total of six levels of competition.  The first four levels are local to Northeast Ohio.  The fifth level will take place in Pittsburgh in June, and the final level will be in Toronto in August. 

Last night (Tuesday, March 29), I won first place in the second level of competition.  The third level comes up on Monday, April 11. 

Where do I put the trophy?

Excuse me while I go practice!






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  1. peter mccall Avatar
    peter mccall

    Congratulations! I see you still haven’t lost the “touch” of speechmaking. Dave, have you ever written down or recorded your award-winning “Balto” speech. I tell my students about it every year when we talk about how to give oral presentations, but it would be better to show it than describe it. Thanks,

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