Nov 182006

On Friday, November 17, we took Clyde in for a bandage change.  The original plan was a bandage change on Friday, with the removal of stitches on Monday the 20th. 

Dr. Kelly reported that inside Clyde’s bandage there was some cat litter, and the stitches on his foot had started to wear away.  The operation incision looked puffy, dirty, and raw, so, she went ahead and pulled the stitches out and cleaned him up a little. 

She told us to keep Clyde wrapped in his “Elizabethan Collar” for the weekend and to bring him back on Monday for a quick checkup.  Here’s Clyde on David’s lap …

A forlorn Clyde anguishes in his E-Collar

And here he is pondering his next move …

Clyde ponders his next move

Dr. Kelly also told us to keep Clyde out of his traditional litter box and use a different one (with “Yesterday’s News“) in order to keep the foot clean since he would be unbandaged.  Let’s just say that didn’t work out once we got home! 

So, instead, we let Clyde out of his E-Collar to use the regular “sand and stones” litterbox, and then soaked and washed his foot in warm water afterwards.  That seems to be working fine!

Checkup with Dr. Kelly on Monday!

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