Nov 092006

Good news!  Clyde made it through his operation yesterday (Nov 8th) with flying colors! 

Clyde was probably a little suspicious yesterday morning when we didn’t feed him (as instructed by the vet).  But, we tried to make him feel better with some loving hugs and kisses before taking him on his journey. 

He’s not too happy in this photo, but we would like to think he understood my care and concern.

Clyde snuggling with Dad

And, of course, Sue had to let him know how much she loved him …

Operation day ... Clyde with Mom

Then, off we went.  Clyde had an early morning drop off.  His schedule for the morning included routine blood work and a routine chest x-ray to see if he could handle the surgery. 

The good news:  The tests showed that Clyde could handle the surgery.

The not-so-good news:  The x-ray showed a “mass” in his lungs.  It appears the cancer may have already spread from his foot. 

Immediately, thoughts of our beloved white cat, Mohawk, came to mind.  Five years ago (Fall of 2001) we discovered Mohawk had cancer of a similar nature, which ultimately led to his passing in January 2002. 

For Clyde, Sue and I decided to forgo any operative work to find out more about the lung mass.  Instead, we decided we should focus just on the toe for now. 

Clyde’s operation took place between Noon and 2pm, and I picked him up on the way home from work.  He was groggy, but he recognized me and sniffed my hand.  His foot was wrapped with a pretty blue bandage. 

At pickup, Dr. Kelly gave me explicit instructions to keep Clyde from going up or down the stairs in our home … at least for the first few days post-op.  This was going to be tough, considering Clyde’s litterbox is in the basement!  Plus, we had to continue his daily doses of Clavamox (antibiotic) and add a painkiller called MetaCam. 

Once home, I let Clyde out of the carrier … and he immediately took off limping and stumbling into the dining room, kitchen, family room trying to shake the bandage off. 

Post Op.  Clyde licking leg.

Finally, he took off down the stairs into the basement to use the litterbox! 

Eh, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Clyde ate some food, which was a good sign that he was still in somewhat good spirits.  After dinner, we gave him his medication and he eventually settled down on Sue’s lap to catch some much-needed sleep after a long, trying day.

Post Op.  Clyde on Sue.

Our “little Bambino” is doing well so far. 

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