Nov 222006

Clyde’s checkup on Monday, November 20th, went well.  Dr. Kelly said Clyde’s foot was looking really good.  We had to keep the E-Collar on him for a few more days.  He’ll go collarless on Thanksgiving! 

As a refresher, here’s what his foot looked like before:

Clyde's Sore Toe

Here’s what the final result looks like:

Clyde's new foot

The gap of the missing toe is pretty obvious.  And here’s another view from the top down!  “One of these feet, is not like the other …”

See the difference?

Clyde seems to be doing very well, despite the trauma of the last few weeks.  His front limp is gone!  However, earlier in the diagnosis phase Dr. Kelly had told us he had a similar problem appear with his back foot. 

We’re not going the amputation route again for his back foot.  Dr. Kelly recommended a good pet-cancer-doctor at another local clinic, and we’ll get Clyde scheduled for an appointment for further diagnosis. 

Clyde is looking forward to turkey tomorrow!

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