Category: Casa Caban

  • First Signs of Spring!

    It’s official! We have seen the first signs of Spring in Cleveland.  The crocus flowers have started to push their way up through the dead leaves and grass.  We’re starting to see the bright gold flowers emerge, along with the purple ones as well. We’ve also seen the stalks of the daffodils peeking up in […]

  • A Basket of Vegetables!

    Jon, Darcy and Ashley sent us a wonderful basket of vegetables to start off the new year. It was a much more diverse output than what we get from our little “Caban Farm”. As you can see in the picture, there were baby carrots, baby radishes and small red potatoes. The basket also contained beets, […]

  • Beached!

    The following has happened to us a couple of times this winter. David would leave for work and the driveway would be clear of snow. Then it would snow throughout the day. As a result, David would come home to find 4-5 inches of snow in the driveway, plus mountains of snow from the little […]

  • Snow? … or no snow?

    How quickly the weather changes in Cleveland. Here’s a picture of the house on Christmas day (Saturday, 12/25/04): Here’s the house just 7 days later on January 1st, 2005:

  • Happy New Year – Puerto Rican Style!

    Happy New Year to all! Today we put the glories of 2004 behind us, and move ahead to a brand new year full of possibilities! For Christmas, Sue had bought me a couple of Puerto Rican cookbooks. So today, we decided to celebrate the day with a Puerto Rican meal consisting of Ropa Vieja (shredded […]

  • Squirrels!

    With winter upon us, Sue has been tossing peanuts out of our family room door to feed the squirrels. They seem to be enjoying their new source of food. In the morning when we come downstairs, we often see footprints of their visits from earlier in the morning. Then, while we eat breakfast, they sneak […]