With winter upon us, Sue has been tossing peanuts out of our family room door to feed the squirrels.

They seem to be enjoying their new source of food. In the morning when we come downstairs, we often see footprints of their visits from earlier in the morning.

Then, while we eat breakfast, they sneak up on the landing, and grab a peanut. Some of the squirrels like to eat right there on the landing, surrounded by peanuts. Some of the others like to grab a peanut and run away. We’ve been having great fun watching them.

In the beginning, Clyde was very interested in these new animals. However, he seems to have tired of them in the last couple of days. Our guess is that since he is separated from the squirrels by a thick pane of glass, he is not as excited by their antics.

Here are some other pictures of the squirrels (from the new digital camera!):







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