So This is Easter

Merry Christmas, er, I mean, Happy Easter everyone!

Merry Easter From Cleveland!

And so it began… starting on Wednesday evening.  On Tuesday, April 3, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (the “official” weather reporting location for Cleveland) reported a record high temperature of 80 degrees F.

On Wednesday, temperatures fell throughout the day into the 30’s.  By Wednesday evening, it was snowing.

April 6th, around 6:00 pm

Twenty-four hours later, it was still snowing.  Here is the same view as above one day later:

April 7th, around 6:00 pm

This picture was taken Easter Sunday. It took us an hour and forty-five minutes to clear the driveway.

Easter Day 2007 at Casa Caban

God bless David for shoveling the sidewalk to the back yard, so that I could get to the bird feeder in the back yard!

David with his trusty shovel!

I decided to fill the bird feeder in the back yard.  Here I am trudging back to the garage.  The snow was up over my knees!!

Sue trudges back from the birdfeeder!

Look carefully…

Squirrel Buried in Snow

A squirrel!!!

Squirrel Breaks Through!

The peanuts had been covered over by fresh snowfall.  This squirrel tunneled his/her way through to get to a buried treasure.

Squirrel Floating on Snow!

A Snowy Deck Railing

This is the view of the back yard:

Backyard from the Garage


Looking out from the Family Room


2 feet of snow on the deck

I think they’re goners… 🙁

Snow Covered Hyacinths!

That was our cold and snowy Easter of 2007! 







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