Our Tribute to La Quinta Hotels!

On our trip from Missouri to Ohio, we stayed at a La Quinta Inn on the East side of Indianapolis.

Why La Quinta?

Because, we had been advised that La Quinta hotels are pet friendly and allow animals at no charge!

La Quinta hotels are also known for their quirky television ads that have fun with common phrases and ideas like “pulling out all the stops”, “selling ice to the eskimos”, and getting “all your ducks in a row”.

We had such a great stay with the two dogs and two cats that we made our own “La Quinta Pet Friendly Hotel Television Ad“, which you can watch in a moment.


However, before you watch our ad, you might want to watch a couple other La Quinta TV ads so you know the general style we were trying to mimic.

General Format of a La Quinta TV Ad

The La Quinta ads were designed and produced by Element 79 Partners/Chicago. The obvious target marget in all the ads is the business traveller, a key market to reach for any hotel chain.

In general, the script asks a question to start, such as “Why does Regional Manager Carl York stay at La Quinta?

The answer to the question is something being spotlighted in the ad … smiling people at the hotel … cushy pillows able to book a room from a smart phone … whatever.

Then there’s a few words about the business traveller being ready for some big presentation or meeting because of the great stay he has had at La Quinta.

Then comes the play on words, usually accompanied by matching visuals that state the obvious. (Ducks in row / leg up on the competition / kicking butt and taking names / all the stops / Eskimos buying ice …)

The ad closes with a tagline for the hotel chain, and one of the actors from the ad saying “La Quinta!”

We have always enjoyed the humor in La Quinta Hotel TV Ads. Not only do we enjoy the puns, but we love Fred Willard’s quirky voiceovers. He is the perfect person for those ads!

La Quinta “Selling Ice to the Eskimos” TV Ad

La Quinta “Kicking Butt and Taking Names” TV Ad:

La Quinta “Ducks in a Row” TV Ad:

Viewers who watch a lot of TV commercials no doubt will recognize the somewhat goofy actor, Los Angeles-based Roy Jenkins, playing Alan. Jenkins also portrays “Jerry” in a frequently airing State Farm Insurance commercial.

La Quinta “A Leg Up on the Competition” TV Ad:

La Quinta “All the Stops” TV Ad:

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for …

Our La Quinta Pet Friendly Hotel Ad

Overall, we’re big fans of La Quinta, and hope to stay at another one really soon!

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