Month: November 2006

  • Clyde’s Back in Motion!

    Clyde’s checkup on Monday, November 20th, went well.  Dr. Kelly said Clyde’s foot was looking really good.  We had to keep the E-Collar on him for a few more days.  He’ll go collarless on Thanksgiving!  As a refresher, here’s what his foot looked like before: Here’s what the final result looks like: The gap of […]

  • Time to Wiggle the Toes

    On Friday, November 17, we took Clyde in for a bandage change.  The original plan was a bandage change on Friday, with the removal of stitches on Monday the 20th.  Dr. Kelly reported that inside Clyde’s bandage there was some cat litter, and the stitches on his foot had started to wear away.  The operation […]

  • What a weekend!

    Saturday, November 11th  Clyde’s adventures continued this past weekend.  On Saturday (Nov 11th), we took him in for a change of his bandage.  He went in with a blue foot, and came out with a hot pink wrapping!  Dr. Kelly says his foot is looking good so far.  This is Clyde on Saturday: Sunday Morning, […]

  • Good news … and not so good news …

    Good news!  Clyde made it through his operation yesterday (Nov 8th) with flying colors!  Clyde was probably a little suspicious yesterday morning when we didn’t feed him (as instructed by the vet).  But, we tried to make him feel better with some loving hugs and kisses before taking him on his journey.  He’s not too […]

  • The Sad News …

    We got the biopsy results from the vet about Clyde’s toe.  Clyde has cancer.  🙁 Dr. Kelly recommended amputation of the toe so that the spread can be minimized.  Clyde is scheduled to go in on Wednesday, November 8th. More details as they come in. Poor little guy.