Month: March 2005

  • First Place!

    It’s been 6 years since I (David) last competed in a Toastmasters “International Speech Contest.”  This is the contest that I competed in back in 1999 in which I took third place in the world.  This year, I decided to compete again.  I’ve needed a new challenge in Toastmasters, and the contests are the best […]

  • Learning how to ask for money

    Once again, it’s time for the WRUW annual fund raiser!  This is the on-air fund drive that the radio station does once a year.  This year’s event begins on Monday, April 4, and runs through Sunday, April 11.  My opportunity to ask for support comes up on Sunday the 11th.  For more information, you can […]

  • First Signs of Spring!

    It’s official! We have seen the first signs of Spring in Cleveland.  The crocus flowers have started to push their way up through the dead leaves and grass.  We’re starting to see the bright gold flowers emerge, along with the purple ones as well. We’ve also seen the stalks of the daffodils peeking up in […]

  • Think a gallon of gas is expensive?

    I recently received a fun pricing comparison.  Here in Cleveland, we are buying 89 Octane gas at approximately $2.20 per gallon.  However, compared with gasoline … Diet Snapple ————————————————————————— 16 oz $1.29 …….. $10.32 per gallon Lipton Ice Tea ————————————————————————— 16 oz $1.19 …….. $9.52 per gallon Gatorade ————————————————————————— 20 oz $1.59 …….. $10.17 per […]