Month: April 2004

  • Top Speech Evaluator in Northeast Ohio

    On Saturday, April 24, I competed in the Northeast Ohio District Toastmasters Speech Contest.  I was one of eight contestants in the “Speech Evaluation” contest, which measures a contestant’s ability to provide helpful feedback to a given speaker.  The target speaker gave a humorous recount of a day in her life in which everything seemed […]

  • Almost made $2000!

    Yesterday, April 18, was the “Telethon Edition” of my weekly radio show. This is the once-a-year radio fundraiser that the radio station holds to solicit support from listeners. My goal was to raise $2000 in pledges over his 2 hour show. It was an exciting (and vocally tiring two hours), and ALMOST made it to […]

  • How to Beg

    One of my most recent projects was preparing a website for WRUW’s fundraiser, which begins today, April 12, 2004. Each year, I have provided training to the staff on how to correctly craft and say cohesive and compelling appeals for money over the air. Over the years, it has become known around the station as […]