Mayday! Mayday!

My parents went away on vacation. While they were away, Miss Deb a very kind lady, visited me and fed me. I enjoyed her company very much.

My parents have not returned from vacation. Instead, two IMPOSTERS are now living in the house.

This morning, I was starved, then chased around the house. Even with my foot that hurts, I was able to outrun them. I hid under the bed, but the female poked me in the @$$ with a cat toy. I had no choice but to abandon my refuge under the bed. The male imposter captured me and then both of them took me to the space ship waiting outside.

We traveled a very long time, and then I was whisked from the space ship into a strange place. There were other captive cats and dogs there. I was examined and poked and prodded and experimented on. This was not fun. They even cut my toe nails!!!

Everntually I was placed back into my cat carrier, brought back to the space ship, and returned to my home.

Alas, my tribulations were not over. The captives gave me some food to confuse me. Then they grabbed me and stuck a dropper of some weird liquid into my mouth. The male imposter squirted the liquid into my throat. Yukkk!

Again, I thought that things were calming down, and then they teamed up on me again. The female imposter held me and shoved my foot (the one that hurts) into a pan of WATER!!!! All the while, the male imposter stood by photographing my water torture. How cruel can they be?!



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