Closet Connoisseur

Today, I thought that I would give you a tour of some of my favorite places to sleep. Generally, a closet works best, although the sofa is also quite comfortable.

This picture is the “Clyde Closet”. This closet is a large comfortable closet with lots of cardboard boxes for me to sleep on. It has the added benefit of lots of long clothes hanging down from above. These clothes keep me warm, as well as hide me from predators.

Clyde in the Mohawk Shrine Closet

This next photo shows me inside one of the two closets in Daddy’s office. This closet has red carpeting and is a good place to hang out when I need some privacy. I can peek out and see and hear predators coming without them knowing where I am.

Clyde in the Office Closet

This closet is Daddy’s clothes closet in Mommy and Daddy’s room.  Daddy usually keeps this closet door closed. I consider this closet to be a delicacy, since I rarely get to hang out in here. Recently, I spent most of a weekend in this closet having a sleep-a-thon.

 Clyde in David's Closet

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