Yesterday I was taken once again in the room that moves to the experimentation place. Like the last time we went, Mommy shoved me inside her coat. It was dark and warm inside her coat. Although I put up my usual fuss, this was a better way to travel.

At the experimentation place, the man in the white coat (the one with the fur on his face) did the usual pokes and prods, but this time he stooped so low, that I had no choice but to retaliate. He shoved an object that he referred to as a ther-mom-uh-ter into a location that shall remain undisclosed. Suffice it to say, it was unexpected and humiliating for a cat to be treated in this manner.

Did he honestly think there would not be retaliation?

Next, the man in the white coat (the one with the fur on his face) grabbed my mouth and tried to open it. Perhaps he was trying to open my mouth to shove poison down my throat!

Naturally, I bravely resisted. Despite my efforts, the man in the white coat managed to pry my mouth open. When the opportunity arose, I sealed his fate with one decisive chomp.

The man in the white coat exclaimed “OW!” and removed his remaining fingers from my mouth. That will show him.

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